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Home Selling In A Snap

We have all seen the TV shows about home buying and home selling -but what does that mean for you? Once you decide to put your home on the market it becomes a product to sell to a buyer.


Once you’ve decided the time is right to sell your home, it’s also time to start prepping your house for the sale! Your home has now turned into a house – a product that you want a buyer to purchase. If you follow these steps to prep your home inside and out, you may be able to WOW your potential buyers and receive the most value for your house.

Exterior Maintenance and Curb Appeal

Start by walking around your home and make a list of the small repairs and maintenance that your home may need. Take a trusted friend if you don’t think you will have an objective view. Freshen up your landscape and add some beautiful annual flowers if the season is right. Typical exterior maintenance may include:

  • chipped paint (red flag for some lenders)
  • torn screens
  • broken windows and doors
  • dead leaves
  • clogged gutters
  • mowed lawn
  • snow and ice removal

Be sure to look closely at your driveway and front door area which are the first things all buyers will notice before they get to see inside! Is the driveway weeded and neat? Does your front door need to be washed or does it need new paint? Address these simple maintenance items before you list so your photos show the best possible curb appeal to attract buyers to your home.

Interior Maintenance and Cleaning

When you are out shopping at the grocery store and you pick up a package of food that is dusty, or you can’t guide your cart through the aisle because there is too many displays in the way that may deter you from going back or even buying what is in your cart, right?! Once you decide to put your home on the market it becomes a product to sell to a buyer. We have all seen the tv shows that tell you to declutter and dejunk, and it’s a common sentiment because it’s true. The buyer has to be able to imagine themselves making a home in your house. Take a trusted friend and tell them to be extremely honest about all their senses – sights, sounds, and especially smells! You can start today by:

  • brightening rooms by replacing any burnt-out lightbulbs and opening curtains
  • tidy up, store any items not in daily use to create space
  • get rid of pet odors and strong cooking smells by professionally cleaning soft surfaces, or even replacing carpet and repainting if necessary
  • clean and open walkways throughout
  • clear the counters – bathrooms, kitchen, and garage
  • neaten the closets (yes, buyers want to see the WHOLE house!)

Four-legged Friends

Do you have pets? Make sure to bathe them regularly to lessen the effect of odor and hair. Have a plan in place for showings to secure them or remove them from the house. Listing photos are extremely important, so getting your home ready to show at its finest right away is the best plan of action!

One Step Further

You also may want to consider hiring a home inspector to professionally evaluate your home so you can take care of any minor issues before listing, as well as be made aware of any potential maintenance items a buyer will want to negotiate into the purchase. Home inspections range from $300-$450, but fixing any problems now will often help sell your home more quickly, for a better price, and will result in a much smoother transaction with fewer surprises! I know we can all get behind that!

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